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The definition of an eco-migrant family and the rules for their resettlement are regulated by Ministerial Order N779 issued in 2013.

At the moment, 6312 eco-migrant families are registered in the unified electronic database, some of them are settled in a safe environment, and some of them have filled out an application for demanding a housing.

Order N779, developed with the involvement of international and local NGOs, also defines the damage category of eco-migrant families.

The first category includes eco-migrant families whose house or part of it has been destroyed or damaged by a natural disaster and is not subject to restoration.

The second category includes families affected by a natural disaster, whose houses are not destroyed, but the natural disasters in the surrounding area endanger the lives, health and property of the people living there.

The eco-migrant family applies for housing with an application to the Agency, which in turn applies to the municipality to determine the category of damage.

The decision on resettlement of eco-migrant families is made by “The Resettlement Regulatory Commission for Disaster Affected and Subject to Displacement Families” which includes representatives of government agencies, the Public Defender’s Office and international and non-governmental organizations.

In case of a positive decision, the families are able to find and present a house for purchase in any territory of Georgia.

It is noteworthy that the purchased houses shall transfer to the ownership to the eco-migrant families.

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