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The Integration Center for Persons Granted International Protection in Georgia has been established in 2017. Internally Displaced Persons, Eco-migrants and Livelihood Agency provides the operation of the Integration Center since 2020.

Nowadays approximately 1,500 persons enjoy International Protection in Georgia, therefore, the issue of their integration has gained prominence on the agenda. Besides, the establishment of the Integration Center was a commitment under the Georgia-EU Association Agreement, which was successfully fulfilled.

Persons Granted International Protection in Georgia at the Integration Center have access to the Georgian language course, they have the opportunity to get acquainted with the basic principles of the current legislation, the history and cultural peculiarities of the country, which will facilitate and makes the integration process easier. Furthermore, the targeted beneficiaries will be provided with consultation services on state programs offered to them by Georgia related to health, social care, education and employment issues.

Contact information: (+995 32) 214 02 42 / +995 511 14 23 84 /

Informational Platform for Migrants

On 29 June 2021 IOM updated its MigApp  a multi-lingual global on-line platform, which serves to provide useful information to migrants about countries they plan to visit or reside in – is available on Google Play and AppStore. With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, IOM, under its []EMERGE project, customized the app to respond to the needs of migrants traveling to Georgia and Armenia.  With the help of the app migrants can say informed about migration services, medical issues, voluntary return, emergency and necessary contact information and contact points for migrants in their countries of destination and have access to global incidents updates.  MigApp offers migrants an in-built translation feature – Dr. Translate – to support communication with medical personnel. Just select your country of destination, including Georgia or Armenia, as your location and stay safe and secure away from home.

Download the App on

Download the App on