IDPs, Ecomigrants and Livelihood Agency

Hotline - 15 05

Monday - Friday 09:00 - 18:00

In parallel with the resettlement issue of IDP and eco-migrant families, the main direction of the Agency’s activities is livelihood provision for them. Until 2020, livelihood programs were only available to IDPs, and now eco-migrant shall have access to these programs as well.

One of the important functions of the Agency is to improve the socio-economic conditions of IDPs and eco-migrants. To this end, the Agency aims at developing targeted projects and programs tailored to their needs and providing grants to guarantee access to livelihoods.

The Agency ensures that IDPs have access to vocational education, self-employment, agricultural activities and food processing.

Furthermore, the Agency assists IDPs to be engaged in projects and programs of government agencies, international or local NGOs, which aim to facilitate the creation of livelihoods.

It is crucially important for IDPs and eco-migrants to have a source of income and to be as less dependent on state assistance over time.

Further Information on livelihood programs can be found here.